What Sugar Babies Have To Say About The Sugar Daddy Dating World

NZ sugar worldAre you a young woman contemplating if the life is sugar baby job is right for you? Have you wondered if there have been any successful sugar daddy dating stories? With more and more women and men turning to this lifestyle, there are many stories floating around the internet about sugar baby experiences.

NZ Sugar Baby Meets A Daddy and Stay Good Friends

I’m not ashamed to say I am a sugar baby on SugarDaddyMeet. Granted, I won’t share the details with my mother, but I have shared it with friends who just consider it the liberal person in me. I first got started with the sugar baby world in 2016, when working at my first out-of-college job. I came across an article about college students in New Zealand looking for rich sugar daddies for finance assistance.

Sugar daddy dating isn’t what you think. It’s not always young women dating these older men who can’t find someone in their life. It’s not about sex, as sex isn’t always a part of the sugar dating lifestyle. Doing my homework, I learned as much as I could about the lifestyle. Once I felt I had enough information, I spent my time developing a profile.

The goal was to entice a sugar daddy to like me – to find someone who wanted a companion and treat me to the fine things in life. Many sugar babies join the world to pay for college or pay medical bills off. I just wanted the good things in life, and I knew a wealthy sugar daddy would help me get to enjoy that.

I met a sugar daddy who ended up being a friend in the end. We met one time, and it was fine. I stayed with him that night, and the next day, he left to get back to work. We still talk, and that’s fine too.

Sugar Baby Sees Sugar Dating Like A Job

I’m a sugar baby who sees my lifestyle more like a career. It’s like any job – it’s boring and old after some time. The only difference is the power you wield, which also comes with dealing with the risks. You choose the hours, the person, the arrangement, the cash, etc. It sounds great, but it’s not always so if you don’t have the intuition and smarts. You’re paid to be someone’s companion, and this includes sex if you agree to it.

Listen To Your Spidey-Senses

If something seems off to you, I’m telling you now to listen to it. Some sugar daddies are not who they say they are. I was talking to a guy in New Zealand who didn’t post pictures on his profile, but we talked by phone often and texted each other regularly. He wasn’t half-bad in the looks department, but he was shorter than I was. He told me about his recent divorce. He seemed alright, but things felt off still. He would send me money when I’d need it and even offered to pay for an apartment for me.

Long story short, I cut off communications and decided that was that. However, a year later, I saw his profile on another sugar daddy dating site, claiming to be married to the same wife he told me he divorced. I’m glad I listened to my gut because he was obviously a liar – don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t listen to it.

As you see, three stories of successful and not-so-successful sugar babies in their sugar dating world. The key to being successful and safe is to listen to your inner voice. If it tells you to walk away, do it. If you feel a sugar daddy is right for you, just take your time and build the relationship. It may end up being a friendship, but it could also be the start of a good relationship.

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