Get a Visa in Canada to Work as a sugar baby and Travel at The Same Time

travelling sugar babyCanada and New Zealand have a good diplomatic relationship and they both belong to the British Commonwealth. You can stay in Canada for 6 months with a tourist visa, which provides a perfect opportunity for NZ sugar babies who travel abroad to Canada to land sugar daddies. There you can seek a temporary arrangement with a romantic gentleman while you are visiting popular places.

Do you have a strong interest in the mysterious Canada, but have no money to travel? Now you have a solution, you can choose to date Canadian sugar daddies to pay you sugar baby allowance, so you would make enough money to travel at the same time. They will support you financially during your trip, and you don't have to worry about expensive travelling costs during the tour.

How to Make This Work?

You only need to have a New Zealand passport, and then provide a round-trip flight itinerary and the location of the tour, indicating that you will not work or study in Canada. Although you can go to Canada with working visas, but, not every NZ sugar baby can pass the audit process. Tourist Visa is actually enough for you to stay in Canada for half a year. It would be a wonderful experience when you are travelling with your Canadian sugar daddies.

What Are Sugar Daddies Like in Canada?

Canada is one of the most popular countries for sugar daddy dating. Although the Canadian sugar daddy community is not as large as the United States, they are all rich gentlemen who will treat young women nice, and they are friendly and hospitable. Also you don't have to worry about fake sugar daddies or spams here, local Canadian sugar daddy sites like Sugar Daddy Canada have very strict screening process for male members. As a sugar baby coming from New Zealand, you will definitely be very popular among them. Who doesn't want an exotic arrangement? There is no commitment and bondage, and all the good things stay at that moment.

What Cities to Visit in Canada?

It is first recommended to choose a city that is geographically close to the United States, because the weather in northern Canada is cold, and as a New Zealand woman who has adapted to a temperate maritime climate, you certainly can't resist the cold in northern Canada. At the same time, you must bring some clothes in case the weather gets cold. It is recommended to travel in Canada from April to September, because it will be warmer in those months.

If you want to balance travel and dating, you definitely want to find a city which is worth travelling and has a lot of sugar daddies. Don't worry, the biggest cities in Canada are the most popular places for sugar daddy dating, and there are many popular places that can be visited.

  • Ottawa - if you are interested in grand Victorian architecture and museums, you can choose to go to National Gallery of Canada, or you can try to go to Rideau Canal for ice skating, this is something new to sugar babies in New Zealand. Also, Ottawa is one of the major cities for sugar dating in Canada
  • Vancouver - When you are in Vancouver, you must visit Stanley Park, it only take you 15 minutes’ walk from downtown, and the virgin forest dominated by coniferous trees such as redwoods is the most well-known beauty of the park. Sugar daddies there will also welcome you there.
  • Toronto - As the biggest city in Canada, Toronto will let you experience what modern city of Canada looks like. In such a great city, you don’t have to worry about seeking your sugar daddy.
  • Edmonton - Looking for the best place for shopping in Canada? West Edmonton Mall is the largest shopping mall in North Canada. Don’t have money for shopping? In Edmonton, you can find yourself a rich sugar daddy, and he will buy you lots of nice things here.
  • Winnipeg - Many girls like food, so don’t miss The Forks when you go to Winnipeg, and it’s one of best places for meeting and dates, find a date in Winnipeg, and your sugar daddy will meet you there.

Always Be Safe When Travelling

Although Canada is one of the safest countries in the world and has very low crime rate, It is always important for young women to pay attention to their safety. You must keep in touch with friends and family every day during your trip. Start planning your trip now and you will be looking forward to exotic scenery and dating.

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