Is Getting a Rich Sugar Daddy To Pay My Bills Possible?

Sugar Daddy Pay bills“Help! I’m looking for a rich guy to send me money. I need a Sugar Daddy to pay my bills. Am I asking for too much?”
- Karen, Wellington, NZ

“Is it moral or ethical to be looking for a Sugar Daddy to pay my bills? Is being a Sugar Baby the same as being a prostitute? Can you assure me that it is legal?”
Michelle, Christchurch, NZ

(Names changed to protect the anonymity of the young ladies.)

We get a lot of questions like that from young women in New Zealand, from the Auckland,Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and many other cities. Rich men dating today is a part of the modern day lifestyle and is quite common. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

Let’s answer the questions asked above. The first question first.

Okay, so you need a Sugar Daddy to pay bills. You can certainly find a Sugar Daddy willing to send money, provided you are a young and fairly beautiful woman. You have no clue how much men are willing to pay for the companionship for a young lady such as yourself.

There are many young ladies like you who have trouble buying nice things, got credit cards and bills to pay. Becoming a Sugar Baby has many benefits. You will earn a more than decent Sugar Baby Allowance, which can cover everything from your student loan payments, rent, utility bills, credit card payments and more.

We shall discuss more on how to make sure that you get the allowance you deserve later. But let’s answer the second question.

No, being a Sugar Baby is by no means the same as being a prostitute. To begin with, sex is not a part of the Sugar Baby transaction – your companionship is what is expected.

Of course, if you like the Sugar Daddy and feel attracted to him, there is nothing to stop you from having a sexual relationship with him later, after you’ve been with him on many dates. But the decision is left entirely up to you.

If you’re not okay with the relationship turning sexual, make it very clear on your profile. Nobody is going to force you to do things that you don’t want to do. You are a strong, independent young woman, and you are the one fully in charge here. No means no. Let us be very clear about that.

How To Get A Sugar Daddy To Pay You Your Worth?

First, you should know how much you’re worth. A pretty young lady like you should be able to command a monthly allowance of $2,000 to $3,000 quite easily. It can even go up to $5,000.

In addition to this, you should expect to be given a gift allowance of $1,000 to $2,000 every month.

The whole point of such a relationship is that it should help you have a great lifestyle that only money can buy. Otherwise what’s the point, right?

Of course, you could hit pay dirt and find a Sugar Daddy who is a self-made billionaire. When you find someone like that, there is no upper limit to how much monthly allowance or gift allowance you can get.

How to Become an Online Sugar Baby?

AS a young attractive woman, you must have questions like how to be a sugar baby? or how to become a sugar baby? Well, first let’s understand who can become a sugar baby. If you are a fairly attractive and intelligent young woman between 18 and 30, yes, there is no reason why you can’t be a sugar baby.

Are you a college student or a recent graduate? Then you are just perfect for this role. There is every chance you’re going to meet someone tall and handsome, rich and successful, kind and generous, charming and mischievous – yes, there are indeed men like that! Prepare to be surprised.

Your role as a Sugar Baby in such a relationship will be to offer companionship. You have no idea how valuable the companionship of a young woman is for older guys, especially for those who are rich and successful.

Here’s what you should do.

  1. Join a sugar daddy website - There are nearly 30 million people using online sugar daddy dating sites to find their mutually beneficial relationships.
  2. Set up your profile - This is the most important part. It will take about 5 minutes to set up your profile. Be very careful when setting up your profile. Make sure to attach your very best photo, define your terms and expectations and explain what you want out of the arrangement and why.
  3. Wait to be contacted - Once you’ve set up your profile, you will be sure to be hit with many messages from Sugar Daddies. Reply to each and every message and be frank and polite in your conversations. You should be able to meet your ideal match within a week of joining the sugar daddy dating website. Good luck!

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