Sugar Daddy Platforms Sign Up Process and Learn How to Navigate on This Site

SeekingArrangement is the biggest and most famous of all sugar daddy dating sites with more than 11 million members across the world. This site has been around since 2006 and has gone from strength to strength since then, covered widely by some of the leading media publications in the United States and abroad. It’s just a safe place for aspiring sugar babies who need money to meet with generous rich sugar daddies. SeekingArrangament is easy to join and it hardly takes a few minutes to set up your profile there. Let’s talk a bit more about the registration process at Seeking Arrangement.

SeekingArrangament is one of the safest dating sites out there, where all profiles are strictly reviewed by a team of moderators. sugar babies are what they say they are – young and beautiful women who are willing to offer their companionship in exchange for gifts.

They are not escorts or prostitutes by any means and Seeking Arrangement has a very strict policy against escorts, hookers and prostitutes. While it is possible some escorts can get through the system, they are weeded out as soon as they are discovered.

The sign up process on SeekingArrangement is pretty simple and takes barely a couple of minutes of your time. You can sign up through Facebook. The site pulls up your name, residence and other information from Facebook, so you don’t have to worry about that.

You will, however, be required to choose a username and password, fill up your profile, upload a clear photograph of yourself, provide ID proof to show that you are who you say you are.

When you sign up, you will be required to agree to its guidelines, including their Terms and Privacy Policy. You will be asked to provide an undertaking that you will not engage in any illegal activity such as prostitution on or through their platform.

Escorts are NOT permitted to join the website

Apart from that, SeekingArrangement will require a mobile verification for your account to be approved.

The most important thing here is to fill up the sugar baby or sugar daddy profile correctly and accurately. You should describe yourself well and come across as what you really are – a smart and beautiful young woman.

Don’t be afraid to come across as flirtatious and feminine – sugar daddies love that.

The entire registration process takes about 10 minutes to complete but is pretty easy. Just go through it step by step and don’t leave anything blank. Once the registration process is over, you’re good to go and can start contacting other members.

The site has advanced search filters and provides match suggestions. It also comes with a free search tool and an online chat facility. Then you can decide whether you want to go for the paid membership option.

Why Opt for Paid Membership on Seeking Arrangement?

Paid membership on Seeking Arrangement unlocks all features of the site including but not limited to…

  • Advanced search filters
  • Better privacy options
  • No Ads
  • Inbox filters
  • Gift wishlist
  • Featured Profiles

The premium account costs $19.95/month for a 1-month package, $44.85 for a 3-month package and $59.70 for a 6-month package.

You can pay for the paid membership by Credit Card or PayPal. Care is taken to protect your privacy on the credit card statements.

If you’re a college student, you can sign up for a free Sugar Baby membership on SeekingArrangement for free, providing you register using your university’s email address that ends with .edu.

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